Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Děkuji. Dobrý den. Na Zdraví!

When in doubt ask. Always ask. I asked someone who had already experienced the Christmas markets (or really the Christkindl markets) which were the ones to not miss. The answer: some place, some place, some place, and Prague. Okay that was easy my mind was made up. Two friends who also had the time off and myself started our journey to the Czech Republic! A Harry Potter train, two hours of snow delay, a random switch to a Czech train with two vodka guzzling passengers later we had made it to Prague!

With the extreme need to stretch our legs, we skipped the bus (this was an easy choice because one friend had already been to Prague and more specifically our hostel. Now if this was me- the girl who gets confused crossing the street the bus would have been chosen) and walked through the town. Absolutely beautiful- the Christmas lights were up, mini Christkindle markets all over, and the beautiful language of Czech written all over buildings. There is nothing like knowing you know nothing of the country, language, or even city and yet completley throwing yourself into it. It's called wanderlust.

Again, always ask questions! Motto to this trip and life itself. The man at the hostel (best hostel every only about 10 euros and free breakfast which is huge when you're traveling- Prague Square Hostel) gave us his personal recommendation to a restaurant Lokal. Did we get lost? Of course. Could I tell you how to get there if you yourself ever wanted to visit Prague? Lets not be silly now. But did we eventually find it and was it a great recommendation? Indeed. I highly recommend it to anyone and everyone- the waiter was very sweet and gave us a personal lesson on the Czech language. Děkuji. Dobrý den. Na Zdraví. Hello. Thank you. Cheers. That's all I got for you folks.

Day Two 

St. Charles Bridge

So we decided to wake up early (before the FREE walking tour) and check out the John Lennon Wall. Before, we stumbled across the St. Charles Bridge and for a brief ten minutes there was no one else in sight and the blue sky decided to peak out. What would you do if this happened? Well of course the logical answer is to run all around and take jumping pictures. Mature. Finally after getting lost, taking a few wrong turns, and stumbling across the "Love Bridge" we finally saw the Lennon Wall.

 At first, from farther away you kinda wonder the point of this sight... but take a few more steps and look closer. All over are messages of love and peace through multiple languages, song lyrics, movie quotes, excerpts from books, etc. graffitied (I realize thats not a word but it makes sense to me so work with  me on this one)  on this specific space. So with a sharpie (sorry left the
paintbrushes at home this time), we three chose differnt messages of love and peace and left our mark. How long will it be up there? Probably for a week if we are lucky, but check it off the bucket list- I wrote on the Lennon wall!


After the tour
we walked around the Prague Castle with a perfect view! My favorite view so far on my European adventure. We then got the idea on the first night to go to an ice bar. Oh dear.

Well for all of you who have been to Las Vegas you have probably already been to one, but it was again on my bucket list so we decided to check it out. Well make sure you pay attention to the hours because at 4 pm they closed. What time did we get there? 345. Umm so you get a coupon for a free drink and then they were buy one get one free. So we literally tried the whole drink menu, took pics for proof with our cups made of ice and special warm jackets, and then split. All the workers just laughed the whole time at these silly American tourists. As all those fun drinks started to work we had a whole different view on those Christkindle markets. I have never found a children's choir so entertaining (sorry to my future children if they join choir) and to quote a friend, "This is the best concert ever. There's kids and they're singing." What a concept. Oh Prague.

After a nap we went to a restaurant called Vytopna Railway Restaurant. The food was okay. The beer was great. However, the entertainment was the best. They had mini railroads and they would serve you your drinks by little trains. Apparently Thomas the Tank Engine can be fun for all ages.

So many people go to Prague for the history, the clock, and so on. But everyone goes for the Prague Pub Crawl. Lets just say the free shirt you get says, "The best night that you will never remember." Lets just say I'm glad that we did everything I wanted to see and do before this "best night" in Prague. No pictures, I refuse to stoop that low.

The morning was a rough one. We chose to walk around, get some fresh air, and eat eat eat. In Prague you have to get these treats called, trdlo. They are cinnamon rolls spun on a rotisserie sprinkled with sugar and nuts. I don't even want to admit to all of you, but most of all myself how many of those I had to eat. But do I regret it? Absolutely not.

Again I am no history major, but there was one piece of Prague's history that I remember: There was a lot of communist government issues going on in Prague, so as a protest a 21 year-old lit himself on fire in front of the National Museum. He died a few hours later and to honor him the people of Prague will jingle their keys to symbolize freedom. The National Museum and his chilling act for the freedom of speech was the last sight I saw in Prague. So now to Prague I say Děkuji. Dobrý den. Na Zdraví!  Prague was a beautifully adventurous first major trip and I still cannot believe how lucky I am to travel to these places on my weekends for a simple two or three days while many save for years to travel to one place.  I believe this quote explains exactly why I am on this 13 month adventure- I can't wait to find a job that I am passionate about, decorate my first real apartment, and start this thing called "real life," but for right now I just want to see the world. Thats it just the world.


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