I have just graduated from Sonoma State University with a BA in Sociology. I have absolutely loved my time in wine country- it really doesn't get more beautiful than vineyards and endless green, but I am ready for the next adventure!

I am from the Bay Area and as much as I want to travel, I want to end up here later in life. I love that someone can go out for a different kind of ethnic food everyday of the week and still have endless options!

In July/August, I will be visiting one of my great friends in England where we will tour multiple castles, London, Paris, Paris Disneyland (we did meet at the Disney College Program anyway), and will be attending the 2012 LONDON OLYMPICS!

Click here for the official website for Edelweiss Lodge and Resort

In September, I will be working as a civilian employee for an American military base in Garmisch-Partenkirchen, Germany. I will be in the hotel indusutry working for Edelweiss Lodge and Resort. They say my backyard will be the Alps. I have my hiking boots packed already.

Click here for the official website for the Disney College Program and Professional Internships

About two years ago I participated in the Disney College Program, working and living at Walt Disney World, Florida. It really started my love for traveling and throwing myself outside of my comfort zone. I highly recommend it to anyone who respects the Disney Company and wants to get their foot in the door or just wants a break from life- it was definitely both for me.

Monday, May 21, 2012

Welcome: Upcoming Travels

They say your life goes downhill after college. A year ago, even a few months ago I would have completely/ full heartedly agreed with this. Now, as much as I hate that this chapter is over, bored or “ending” would not be the words I’d used. I will be traveling for the next 16 months and I want to share those funny, stupid, great, hard stories… just not twelve million times telling you all individually. But please please please comment on these posts, facebook me, whatever, so I can keep in contact with youall this is just a starting point. Moving on, computers are in no ways my best friend… in fact we aren’t even facebook friends, so keep in mind this whole blog thing is very new. Before I start my adventures I will be posting meaningless blog posts to understand how to upload a video, audio, slideshow, etc. so I actually understand what I am doing when these adventures start. So what are these adventures anyways?

 May/June: Visiting my grandmother….in Hawaii (grandparents retire, but mine retires in Hawaii god bless her). If you asked one thing about me I would say that I don’t really know how to relax- I am always looking for the next thing. Being in Hawaii is the absolute best thing a week after graduation. We play cribbage and talk for hours, watch countless Jane Austen movies, and eat and eat and eat and its in Hawaii aka the best thing ever.

(See how I am using photos? Check that off the blog "to-do" list)

 July/August: England and Paris- I met one of my best friends on the Disney College Program in Florida who lives in England! Last summer she visited me and ya it was cool with San Francisco and Los Angeles, but this year I am visiting her…. and we are going for the 2012 London Olympics! We are also going to tour London, Paris, Disneyland Paris (of course us Disney fanatics), Harry Potter studios where they filmed all eight movies, and castles and such. Needless to say I’m excited.

Middle of September: One time during Christmas break I was with some of our family friends who just got back from Germany. That dreaded question (that is probably asked every day when you are a senior) of what I was going to do after graduation and I did the whole, “well you know…..” with no real answer. Well they gave me a great program where you work for the military. Notice how I said worked for, NOT in the military (if you knew my physical strength you would already know this), well an application, countless emails, interview, physical, and background check later I will be working for Edelweiss, a hotel and resort located in the alps.. Yep that caught me by attention too so I’ll say it again- THE ALPS! I don’t know what I will be doing until I get there but something in the hotel environment…. in Germany. My favorite question of the interview: “are you okay with traveling because we really encourage it.” Yep SIGN ME UP! I am so unbelievably excited, but definitely in freak out mode. Its gonna be crazy but then I look up pictures I remember that this is the best time (and maybe the only time) in my life to do something like this. Doesn’t mean I’m not going to be sick to my stomach a week before it all goes down. So come middle of September I will be working for the military for 13 months and after that who knows…